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  • March 2019 - Local beekeepers who relocate bees! Save the bees don't kill them.
    No photo description available. 
  • April 2019 - Whitfill Nursery HOA discount

    Choice HOA members receive a 10% discount at Whitfill Nursery on 824 E Glendale ave.

    The discount is good for trees and shrubs only. It does not apply to green goods such as annuals, herbs and labor.

    Please mention the discount under Choice Community Association account.

  • June 2019 - E-Check Fee $1.99

    Effective July 1st the merchant company will start charging a e-check fee:

    Each eCheck processed through the website will incur a fee of $1.99. This fee will be charged at the time the payment is made and will be debited from the homeowner’s bank account. For example, if the payment is $100.00, and payment is made by eCheck, the homeowner would have one debit of $100.00 and one debit of $1.99. This fee will be displayed to the homeowner prior to their final submission of the payment.

    • If a homeowner has a recurring eCheck payment setup prior to 7/1/19, their recurring payments will not be charged the eCheck fee. If they change their existing setup, or add a new setup, they will be charged the eCheck fee.

    Homeowners do have options to avoid the $1.99 eCheck fee:

      The homeowner can use their bank’s online billpay service. The homeowner may apply for ACH however an Automatic ACH Payment authorization agreement must be completed along with a copy of a voided check. The homeowner may mail a check


    • June 2019 - Vehicle Burglary

      We want to keep our communities safe! 

      The following tips will help prevent you from being a victim of having your vehicle stolen or burglarized:
      ? Do not leave items of value in plain view.
      ? Remove valuables from your vehicle and secure them inside your homes.
      ? If your vehicle is equipped with an alarm, set it. Use a steering wheel lock if you don’t have one.
      ? Roll up all windows, and close the sunroof.
      ? Lock all doors.
      ? Park in well-lit areas, if not in your garage.
      ? Keep an eye out for suspicious activity in your neighborhood.

          Get to know your neighbors. Strangers stick out like sore thumbs.
      ? Consider the installation of security cameras.
      ? Don’t leave your vehicle running while it is unattended.
      ** If a crime occurs, please contact the police immediately!

    • December 2019 - Holiday Safety Tips

      Choice Community would like to remind everyone to be alert, patient and mindful of safety during the quickly approaching holiday seasons. The holiday seasons can be a stressful and busy time. Let us offer some crime prevention tips to help keep the holidays safe and enjoyable! 

      Home Safety Be extra cautious about locking doors and windows when you leave the house, even if you will only be gone for a minute. Don't put large displays of holiday gifts in view of your windows or doors. When going on trips or out for evenings, use automatic timers to turn indoor lights on and off to make it appear you are home. Immediately after the holidays, mark new gifts with your Arizona Driver's License or ID number. Don't advertise what you got for Christmas by putting the boxes out on trash day. Break the boxes down or take them to the dump yourself.

    • January 2020 - CCAM App

      From any mobile device, homeowners can check their account balance and make payments, check the status of their ACC requests, Maintenance requests, and Violations and add comments or pictures. They can check out their association calendar and photo galleries and send a message to your management company.

      Board members can review the community violations, interact with their manager on the tasks in their community, review ACC requests and approve invoices all through the mobile APP.

      Instructions available by request.